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Ode to Don

Posted by on 06/27/2013

Don didn’t like funerals so this won’t be a sermon or tear-fest, better reserve the date or you may have regret!  It will be a celebration of a life well-lived and ending too soon at 72 years.  We will share food and beer, tell stories of Don, and when it is over we will laugh through our tears.  By all means, wear your jeans (or other casual dress), your tennies and a hat because Don would like that!  He liked the outdoors, so we will meet at a hill country spot.  Don’t worry, we will have a/c and won’t be too hot!  We will watch the sun set, say our farewells, and promise to meet again in God’s heavenly site, reserved for good ol’ country boys and girls who did what was right.

Don’s family from Cedar Park, Dale and Duncanville, Texas, and sister from Tennessee will be there to meet.  Also, Martha’s family from the Austin area, Houston, Dallas, and Wisconsin will be there to greet!  You see, Don was loved by so many from near and far, and he won’t be forgotten not even when apart.

Don liked to rhyme and was better at it than I, but I think he is smiling at me for giving it a try.

- Martha Elvey

18 Responses to Ode to Don

  1. Majel Bowerman

    Well said Martha. I wish I could have known Don!

  2. Valerie Lowe

    Don was my great uncle. Joelynn is my Grandma. That brought tears to my eyes… We will miss you so much Uncle Don… Looking forward to meeting Martha’s family. Glad he had a great woman for so long.

  3. Mary Allen B S

    Prayers to your family.
    we will miss you.
    Your BOH sister Mary Allen class 59

  4. Carla Howell

    I am at a loss for words. I have been thinking alot about my Uncle Don. Most memories were from when I was a kid. He was a very intelligent person, and loved the outdoors. I really don’t know what to say right now….

  5. Richard & Joanne Meziere

    We always enjoyed Don’s company. We will miss him, We plan to be there to help celebrate Don’s life on Aug. 10th,

    Richard and Joanne

  6. Joelynn Jones Windebank

    Don Was my big brother and we just got back in touch a few years ago he was at my house the last time I got to visit with him. I believe God gave this blessing to me because I loved my brother and He knew how much. I also spent time in Buckner Home. Don was really loved by me and my girls. He will be remember and missed. Joelynn

  7. Patti Hansen

    So sorry that Niles and I will not be able to attend Don’s memorial because we will be returning from Alaska. Since Martha and Don were planning an Alaskan trip, we’ll be sure to leave a memorial token in his memory.
    Love to the family – Don was a unique and wonderful man.

  8. David Blackstock

    My feelings for Don are all wound up in the ARL canoeing group adventures he led during the mid 1970s and early 1980s. Despite being a pretty disparate group–different ages, interests, and backgrounds–we all became fast friends. The Pedernales, the San Marcos, the several sections of the Guadalupe, the incomparable Blanco, Onion Creek (including the irate land owner and the 20-foot waterfall that Richard kept us from going over), the Pecos, the Colorado, and–the gem of them all–the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande. At the center of all those escapades was Don–great organizer, superb outdoorsman, and as laid back as Willie Nelson. God, how I’ll miss him.

    I’m terribly disappointed not to be able to be at Don’s memorial on August 10. I’m in Rochester, New York, for the summer. But I’ll surely be with all of you in spirit.

  9. Pauline Cunningham(Arnstrong)

    Don was one of my classmates at Buckner. He was friendly but shy and very smart. On our Senior Trip Don, Howard Lunday,Mary Slate(Barham) and I went to the same movie. We got out earlier then the other classmates who had attended another movie theater. The four of us roamed the square of Sherman, Texas. Don and Howard made sure we were not bothered by any strangers driving around the square around midnight. Don has always been one of our brothers from the home and will be remembered in our hearts. Our prayers go out to you and his family.

  10. Jack Royal

    Don had a great sense of humor. He could bring a laugh to any conversation or comment. I enjoyed our camp-outs at Fort Hood with all of the motorcycle madness going on. A fun trip to Mexico by train was also one of the highlights of our friendship.

  11. Susie Guyton

    Sorry Paul and I can’t join you, friends and family as you celebrate Don’s life. We’ll be in Idaho at my family reunion. We’ll be thinking of you and with you in spirit. The celebration just fits Don! Our best, Susie and Paul

  12. Patrick Kavanaugh

    I remember what a wonderful source of information Don was. In March of this year, I asked him about an old bridge crossing on Brushy creek, and he recalled several events of a nighttime frog hunting canoe trip he and Richard Obermiller took in that area more than 35 years ago, even while complaining “details are foggy”. And this was before consulting his canoe records (which I’d love to see posted on his web page, by the way).

    Leilani and I won’t be able to attend the celebration, but are grateful we got to see Don relatively recently.

  13. Judy George

    Don was one of the first persons I was introduced to at ARL & enjoyed his vast knowledge of the Hill Country! My family has always enjoyed the annual ARL get-togethers that he & Martha planned and will miss seeing him annually at the BBQs!

    Joseph & I are in Alaska and will not be back for his farewell party…would love to hear all the stories from friends about the many “Donisms”! So sorry we will miss this!

  14. Betty Richardson

    Looking forward to the celebration of life. James and I will attend and try to talk with as many friends and relatives as possible in the time we have. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people and sharing memories back and forth. Don was a good friend from the 80′s SOA days of trips to Mexico, camping, happy hours, Saturday night dances etc.

  15. Hunce & Nancy Hemberger

    We will certainly be there.

  16. Julia Brantley

    Yes I will be there to celebrate this wonderful mans life. Julia

  17. Priscilla Post

    I will be be there. Don was a great guy.

  18. Sam Wise

    I’ll be there too!